Speed has replaced Quality (here on lichess in particular)

Actually it's not "genuine" I suppose. It's rather due to the altered mathematics behind the ratings. Nevertheless, yet another peak. :D @rickrenegade

@Sarg0n Inflation? Still a peak. Still good. And this is you playing slow, quality chess. Who knows what + it be if faster.

Most speed players are +300 - 400 overrated.

Blitz 2356 seems like another personal peak, thanks rickrenegade :) Although I think I am not faster and not better than before.

Apart from „Speed“ and „Quality“ there are changes in the distribution of the population. It (2356.24) is still percentile 98.9%; I remember times where one got quantile 99% 100-150 points less.

Magnus Carlsen says he plays at a +2500 level in less then one second I guess thats why he is the champ in bullet blitz rapid and classical.


I feel exactly as unskilled in chess as when I was 1500. In fact I felt I knew MORE at 1500 a year or two ago. I definitely knew endgames better, for example.

This is a well known and observed phenomenon: we do not notice progress, and in fact can notice more flaws as we get more skilled and thus notice our flaws more, while we were oblivious to our flaws when we were less skilled. I hit 2290 Blitz a few days ago and felt that I played extremely badly, dropping pieces and pawns left and right. I honestly feel that I and my opponents play like near beginners.

Side-effect: recent inflation. I used to be FIDE-Elo + 100, 99.2% - now I am FIDE-Elo + 250, 99.0%.

Familiar territory permits a player to play faster and the quality is still there.

Unfamiliar territory requires more time to avoid errors and blunders.

If I don't take the time to simplify the game quickly, then I'll be struggling for time.

I think the trick is to take the time to simplify the chessboard quickly and the quality of our moves will remain constant.

Chess come from slow games. Modern chess is played faster. So we need different databases for different time controls.

Is there an opening database that is made for quick time controls ?