Penguin has almost reached 3200 Elo, that's incredible

running fast is useless because u are more prone to injuries, running slow is the smarter thing to do.

@Kusokosla I disagree when you say that bullet isn't chess. Personally, I play bullet and fast chess yet I am still good at slow chess. If anything, it makes me see tactics faster because I don't have as much time to think. I don't agree with the myth that bullet makes you worse at chess. Sure, everything should be in moderation, however I think a little bullet here and there cannot hurt.


I was being sarcastic. Obviously bullet chess can be useful, when a chess student is too slow, for example.


I laughed at how you said Penguin would barely be 1500 in OTB chess xD

Did you even notice the GM title next to his username? No? :P

Pretty sure he's studying maths or something at uni, so clearly doesn't want to be a professional chess player. Just bear in mind that he's far better than any of you will ever be, and his moves in bullet are probably better than most of our rapid games.

Ym my point is this. Either chess is just lame training reflexes and memozing, than bullet is chess and lame and being good at chess nothing. Or chess is a great intellectual battle about deep thoughts and plans, then obviously bullet isnt chess.