Penguin has almost reached 3200 Elo, that's incredible

I understand why people say bullet isn't real chess, throughout history classical has been the true intellectual test of skill. But there are many variants of chess and each one requires a modification to an individual player's skill set. Perhaps we could think of bullet like another variant, particularly on lichess where we can play many moves within one second. Either way if the skill can be rewarded than people will be competitive in that field. Regardless of how Andrew stacks up against other GMs it is still an honorable achievement to reach such a high rating.

Correct me if I'm wrong but Andrew Tang is a student at university? He has a whole lifetime ahead of him and if he ever decides to improve his slower time controls I'm betting he would skyrocket.

You can call bullet chess whatever you want to call it but the fact remains that it takes a lot of skill to compete therein. Just look how competitive the lichess titled arenas get. If Andrew's main focus is on bullet at this time than he is unarguably one of the strongest players out there. The last time I watched his stream he commented that he was going to focus on improving his game. The last few titled arenas have been extremely competitive with alireza rebeca Harris carlsen and the rest of the amazing players, but peg wasn't very active. If I had to guess I would say that it is possible he wants to make a comeback in the next titled arena. If that is indeed the case than I have no doubt he will give everyone a run for their money.

Kanaan you just said chess only about tricks and now you say its honorable, let alone your open closed system weirdness. Yes i must admit though, precision not bad but precision against bullet players. Though he is quite skillful. But i already was burned once when i was young and naive and i saw nakamura, and i was like how can a man who thinks that fast not be superior. And now a random guy from phillipines is better. Anyohow If he is studying thats probably better than chess.

@Subomega I never said chess was about tricks if you joined lichess to argue with people try to get your facts straight.

Mea culpa thought you were kuso.. I guess thats why chess is too tedious for me

Guys I was jk running and chess can’t be compared but whatever bullet chess is still chess just play whatever you want and improve your chess!

@Stefanxd i meant to write a nasty comment but i will refrain from it, at least for the moment being. But you're wrong in that there's no human involved, since it was a human who built the machine in the first place and also probably gave it the command to compose. So there you go all wrong if you think that computers can make music without human involvement.

No @Subomega you are just a rude person that likes to post personal attacks and uneducated arguments.

Kanaan no, just because i made a mistake here doesn't mean your other posts werent bs. And how pathetic, to wait for one mistake yo get revenge. My arguments are valid, otherwise you had attacked my arguments, not used an apology against me.