Penguin has almost reached 3200 Elo, that's incredible

His ultra bullet cpl is smaller than my rapid cpl lol :D

But my tactics score is higher. Am i now a gm tactician? Yes i know he does them fast.

I think it's from penguim a much better Zhigalko Sergei regardless of penguim has a highter rating.

True, i was just saying that isolated numbers are meaningless. And its sucks having to abuse penguins to make a point. Kuso baited me and im a very primitive man with too little self restrain, to not bomb a well meanin celebration thread for my discusssion. Go penguin.

Penguim had 3200 rating ,but Zhigalko Sergei is much more active and better than Penguim.That's what I think.

I am curious what the limits of the human mind, will be 3500 player in the future? When they plant a computer in your brain in +100 years chess will be different.


I sad. I think Zhigalko Sergei is better than Penguim for those reasons.Every one's entitles to an opinion.

Elo has nothing to do with playing strength. Some inaccurate formulas and you have ratings >4000 within a short time. Moreover, you can calculate Elo for soccer teams, table-tennis players and so on.

Vrac sorry i misunderstood you. Good you clarified it. @Zhai i think computer chips in the future will give the brain impulses to suppress the urge to play chess.


Chess is a simple pattern recognition/memory recall contest, it has NOTHING to do with any “artistic” nonsense you are thinking of.

Let me tell you a little secret as someone who is in a top bracket of classical musicians, there is NO such thing as soul or artistry or musicianship or any of that, those are all techniques, musical techniques, anytime you hear a musician that strikes you as being more artistic than another musician it’s just a collection of tricks/patterns that musician knows that he is using during his playing, the good musician is aware of these tricks and has learned to do them earlier. He is NOT spiritual or soulful or any of that, those names are given to specific techniques that a listener doesn’t know, thus the listener calls it genius or musical or soulful or artistic etc., but it’s just memorized tricks :)

When a super advanced string player takes a long note, he may increase bow pressure and get the bow closer to the bridge (already 2 techniques specifically learned prior for many years) and does a whole bunch of other stuff, but a listener does not know these details, so the listener simply says it sounds artistic and intellectual or full of imagination etc., you get it?