Penguin has almost reached 3200 Elo, that's incredible

@Kusokosla of course for a musician (I have studied music myself) it's all about "technique" but for the listener it evokes feelings and emotions, which is what matters to the average listener. That's why love ballads are many times the greatest hits, because it resonates directly to most of people ie. it's something people can easily relate to. Another story is what it has to do with chess...

Then why computers can't generate very good music nowadays?

I say congrats to @penguingim1 for his Bullet Chess status. I can not even play Bullet; since it follows the rules of chess but in a faster fashion it is still chess. As I have read through all of these comments I see some negativity which is sad, why not build people up, not tear down? He definitely is not in the 1500s on OTB. Just for your information I will post this screenshot of his FIDE profile. I hope he continues to do well:

@Zhai Computers can and do compose music. They generally don't include lyrics though.


The poster I was responding to mentioned that chess is basically an artistic intellectual battle of imagination and deep pro-active thinking, I corrected him that none of those things exist, it’s just pattern recognition, and anytime a listener of music or a weaker chess player says anything about soul or genius or imagination or artistry those are simply names for specific techniques unknown to the listener or weaker chess player.

Specifically in chess people like to think someone like Morozevich imagined and came up over the board with his beautiful ideas etc., no... those are home prepared and memorized tricks. Peter Svidler explained it.

Lucius you are correct. My mistake. While i still have my opinions, it was still great achievment. And @Kusokosla i don't know if thats your opinion, than i must agree bullet is the greatest form of chess and its pinnacle achievment. The greatest bullet player is better than the best classical player.


Music is complicated, it will take a while for AI to be able to make good musical performance or write a good new piece, after all a human brain is a VERY VERY advanced complex biological computer. Chess is a far smaller “closed” system bound by strict rules, music is far broader and more difficult to master.

Kusokosla you could be the inventer of the first religion.