Penguin has almost reached 3200 Elo, that's incredible

Wow that's some achievement. Congratz!

Apparently his highest rating was 3256. 3180 is still amazing though! Also, small correction... it's Glicko-2 that lichess uses, not Elo.


Everyone knows that it’s not “real” chess, just ask Sargon, or anyone who is too slow to play bullet. Pinguin is probably 1500 in “real” OTB chess. He is hurting his career by playing bullet. Bullet is not chess. So actually Pinguin is not a chess player (since bullet is not chess)

I still say its not chess. I think kramnik is an authority. How can chess be a mind game and bullet be chess? If bullet is chess, than chessplayer are akin to trained monkeys instead of thinkesr. My opinion at least. And ofc penguin is a strong player. How can you possibly think in 1 minute for the entire game?


Appeal to authority is obviously wrong, you know this.

Bullet is not played with your mind??? What do you think decides where to move the pieces to??? Your mind!

Monkeys can not play bullet. You can probably teach a monkey to play slow chess, first move or two, for sure, slowly... But not quickly, because monkey’s MIND is too slow and not good enough to play bullet.

It’s time slow players stopped making excuses and honestly admitted that they are too slow, nothing wrong with honesty. No need to try to make yourself feel better by claiming that only the kind of chess you prefer is “real” chess. No. You do NOT get to decide what chess is. Wether you like it or not bullet is chess. It uses the rules of chess and is called bullet CHESS. it’s that simple.

Kuso you appealed to authority by using his strength and kramnik is stronger. So i used your argument against you. Ps your mind like trained reflexes.

Penguin is still a grandmaster which means he can play slow chess as well, so he is very much a legitimate player.

There is no reason to criticize him for playing bullet. His moves in bullet are probably still better and more accurate than blitz games of most lichess users.

bruh saying bullet is useless is like saying running fast is useless


Running is not real movement. Only walking is real human movement that requires mind! Don’t you know? Running is just reflexes. Usain Bolt can’t walk as well and as beautifully as a super model on a runway! If Usain Bolt tried to walk slowly he would fail and his walking rating would be 1500.