Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

If someone has subscribed to regiumchess's mailing list via the homepage: it would be interesting to know if Delgado offers an explanation and or presents his future plans to his subscribers, now that plan A went south.

@Panagrellus I have a feeling he will just completely abandon the current website, creating another and trying to pose as a different company trying to sell the same, (or maybe a slightly different) product. I don’t think he can recover now that everyone who ever supported him knows his kickstarter was suspended.

Or he might just give up completely. He spent a lot of money on setting all of this up and he didn’t get one cent in return. He might not want to risk it again.

Well done everyone - we finally did won what I suspect is Round 1. We now need to actively monitor other crowdfunding sites and see if they start attempting direct sales (if the latter we could report it to their website provider, and point out they would be complicit in money laundering (they would in the EU at least).


Lol, I can already see it! Made using the same concepts as the chess board, except you use special dice and hidden infrared camera to determine what was rolled. Oh and the magnets can reverse polarity to launch a piece up in the air so you can switch sides if needed. And it costs $2000

Heh, we did it, yay, I just got my complaint email from Kickstarter and I was among those who helped bring down Regium.

Feels nice to be on the right side of the witch hunt ;-)