Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

Most certainly a trick. Also they re-designed their crowdfunding site, before they stated the numbers of backers, now that is gone, at least for me here.

Previously the CrowdF page was on a subdomain now its in a virtual directory.
I tried to capture the page a week ago but Wayback Machine doesnt work as expected with that kind of content

The page has been reported to abuse SCIP is MrDomain and other scitty services , but they don't give a fcuk about a page that wants money for something that doesnt exist, they didnt find any abusing info in there and wanted me to check it up with a police in my country :) and unregistered corporate pages doesnt interest them (in my country a page that represents a corporation need to have public registry data published not any "tampa del ano" or "Joe's page".

The only outcome of it is that i cant discourage you to run any dos programm if you like :), its most probably a fake credit. If MrDomain complains about a localized dos i'll tell them to contact their local police :)

Assuming every product was initially in a quantity of 50, quite a round assumption we'll getting a sum of 157,209$ which is 10,320 higher than the sum the page is saying.

My data and calculations:
SUM Raised 146,889 ?

21Left 1399 cost
14Left 1299 cost
17L 1199
50L 999
50L 849
34L 799
23L 649

29x 1399 = 40571
36x 1299 = 46764
33x 1199 = 39567
16x 799 = 12784
27x 649 = 17523

SUM == 157,209
DIFF == 10,320

The easy number theory for a number 9 as far as i can tell is that every product ends up in 9 so an odd number of products must have been choosen if the sum also ends in 9. every even power of 9 ends in 1, odd ends with a 9.

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