Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

Can’t wait to get my Regium board so I can finally play on ChessCube with a physical board.

@rfw what is this :) - there is some subsite on lichess that creates an instant 10+0 game with some strange board color, who invented that approach ?
[ http:// lichess .org/ ] :)
@RubySeaTurtle Check out the "Words" game in lichess forum - i think that after a year it has 10,000 comments

I would love to know if Kickstarter have even looked into the concerns raised about Regium.

@difford they have looked at the comment spam and moderated it, they are currently or will soon go through their process of verifying the listing as it has been reported by 100s of people.

I have no idea what the process is, but I imagine somewhere in the process they ask the person who listed it questions via email and wait for their response. It might take a few back and forths, regium might be slow to respond too.

One of the commenters said in his experience with another scam listing it stayed up until close to the end. There's no rush atm, I've been wrong about 100 times so far in this thread by I reckon it will be canceled a day or two before the end.

@h2b2 Thanks for your explanation, hopefully all the effort won't be in vain.