Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

That robot is really cute xD

Obviously the problem with this would be that it’s difficult to move pieces like that when there’s a lot more on the board, but I assume this was done just to show that it’s able to recognize positions on a real life board and find the right move

@aturri The video is not from Russia - It's from Slovenia :) - note both: the Love and the Lough in "Slovenia" ;)

It still amazes me that Kickstarter has no problem hosting the project and it is still at $33,109. Indiegogo is going to be even worse. This guy, if all the reports are correct, is going to steal 50-100k with a video of a product that he can't possibly deliver. Shame that people don't do their research

The people that contributed to the Kickstarter are having their money stolen.


We’ve seen that already ever since it came out. Honestly I don’t think there’s a need for anymore updates right now, as nothing new is happening. We’re just waiting to see what the result of the Kickstarter is.

very close to 1000 comments, its awesome ive never seen this before on the forum