Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

@Morozov It's all crowd based. If Regium raised 50k with a fake project imagine a real one with volunteers and engaged intelligent people. Believe it or not I own a bank (fintech) here in Br and money would be easy to obtain for such project (:

There's no way this project will get off the ground until we find a mensa member to head it.

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
Delgado will always
Have more magnets than you.

He (Diablo Gordo) could at least show how he edited the second "handheld" "FAQ" video - or at least somebody could,
In the 90's thanks to the Silicon Graphics company, people were showed that a picture could be carefully photoedited to show a person in a place when she has never been, at the time ray-tracing algorithms i think were not yey implemented to work only some smoothing has been used (and Ray Tracing needs a 3D scene). They say that from that time a picture cannot be a proof at US court.

I thought you found his real name was Diablo Gordo, I googled it, search twitter, then put it in google translate and got the joke. Fat Devil. Back in the naughties when I played computer games, diablo came out. I don't think I ever played it, but I did hear of it, I thought it was just a cool sounding made up word, I didn't realise it was spanish for the devil.

haha, I just realised we often call guys named gordon gordo.

@h2b2 i took the Gordo (i dont know the word but assumed its something oposite to "delgado" ) i took it from some banner that somebody from this forum made and posted :) - his face was some king devilish in there.

Well, as an engineer i usually can tell if somebody smiles differently than he should :) - smiling without a happiness - that smile was visible with a body language in the movies, people just cant lie.

EDIT: - i found the artwork - the new book it is credited to @rfw, thank You!

I've seen these kind of projects pop-up... lost 150 USD on a surf watch to a "startup" in Spain... which vanished in the air after 3y without reemborsing any money.
Somehow this sounds vaguely familiar... the whole setup, tricks... make me doubt it ... but who knows...
Support it at your own risk that's what I would say.


Magnus is a beast,
Russians are a nation,
Delgado has at least
Kickstarted our imagination.