Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

This is a brilliant example of how difficult it is to con such a wide demographic. Turns out "chess players" also include video editors, code-crawlers and deepfake-spotters. Well done guys.

Time to re-tell the entire story for everyone who's new here in the forum. I found a Spanish guy who can explain in detail what happened:
Omg you just made my day lol maybe the best comment on this thing. Couldn’t stop laughing.

The people in this community here could easily create the e-board themselves via crowdknowledge.

@ferrisx Yes, that would be possible but the proceeds and finance would be handled by thibault? Does he want to become a chess board manufacturer?
Because such a thing is always going to be costly, even just the simple materials such as wooden boards or pieces. Who gets to call the budget? Who will handle sales etc..