Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

wow, after further review of the most recent video they posted. it seams so dodgy, the camera is oddly far from him when he moves and its only a few of them. he then talks alot and takes the board off the table. I was sold. The actors from the first video are so cringe. Thanks for looking out for us Lichess, i was gonna buy in on Tuesday. If they can provide a solid product ill buy it more expensive in the future from a retailer.

I would say the threats are the most prominent red flag here. Why would they care about the forum posts if the skepticism they contained was untrue? Also even though they claim they could, there is no way they could sue Lichess for it. Is Facebook ever sued for the thousands upon thousands of user posts that express criticism about certain products? No, it’s a free social media platform, and the Lichess forums work the same way. There is no law that would allow Regium to sue Lichess.

So seeing the many lies and the aggressive behaviour Regium Chess is using, I think it should be 100% clear to everyone that this is almost certainly a scam, and that supporting the kickstarter is just a waste of money. Wait for the final product, if it ever comes.

Even though there is a bit of novelty behind it, I was quite happy with my Square Off board when it arrived. The imperfections were clear in the videos and the team behind it were willing to answer engineering questions beyond just stating the proposed technology.

As for this Regium board, maybe they have an eventual product and they just need more capital. Maybe it's bunk. What I do know is that doctoring videos and claiming false endorsements is unlawful, not criticizing such practices on an internet forum. I know Lichess is based in France, but from a US perspective, their defamation claims are equally laughable. In court, they would need to prove that the claims made were verifiably false and that the individual making the claims knew that they were false (false statement of fact). They would need to prove that the claims made were not merely an opinion or hyperbole. Then they would need to prove their technology in discovery to expert witnesses. Then they would have to submit proof that their endorsements were legitimate which could then be verified or refuted by the organization/individual they claim endorses them. I believe France has similar laws (and we probably stole them). I think the real reason they don't want to sue Lichess isn't that they want to make their board work with the site. I think it's because they have absolutely no basis to do so.

All I see are deceptive practices and baseless threats.

Wow, just wow. Legal threats as an opening discourse and video editing of the piece movements. Why would anyone back this?

If it turns out they can make a board that works exaxlctly how the edited videos show I will happily buy it once released for direct purchase, but I will not be supporting the kickstarter.

Never heard of Regium before.
Their strategy seems to be "any kind of publicity is good publicity". They are making as much noise as possible to get attention.
Perhaps they have a real product, who knows. But no ethics for sure.