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@clousems here is Alicia in philosophical mode...
The Plain English Campaign awarded her the annual Foot in Mouth Award in 2000 for her 'baffling verbal statement', "I think that Clueless (1995) was very deep. I think it was deep in the way that it was very light. I think lightness has to come from a very deep place if it is true lightness".

There is an obvious literary style connection to the mystery advert,if you ask me.

And @Letgoofmychessego is trying inordinately hard to divert attention from our mystery..does he know more than he appears to know?

Back in the olden days(when I was 10),Australia was the largest island and the smallest continent.Now we are just the smallest continent,because those pesky Natural Philosophers (scientists in new-speak) found out that Greenland is part of North America.Hardly seems fair,somehow...

Also noted is the drop in activity here at this time each day.This leads inexorably to the conclusion that we have very few (relatively speaking) members from either Australia or Srednekolymsk.

Yes,and thank you for asking.Our home was not directly threatened,but our daughter had to evacuate about 10 days ago.But the danger to her home has passed, and tomorrow we will go there to clean up the ash and open it up to clear out the smoky bbq smells :)

These are some comments from the "Upcoming Films"section in Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine August 1976.

"...the Star Trek film...As of this writing,STILL no script or special effects people.If they don't watch out,the Star Trek fad will be over by the time they get it out..."

"And, of course,George Lukas's Star Wars,which I mentioned last month,and which at this point still seems the most promising of the lot."

Little did they know that 20 years later, the greatest scif actioni film of all time would enter theatres.
This film, of course, was Starship Troopers.