General chat .

I am going to see if a general chat forum works for stuff that maybe does not need it's own thread..such as "today in Sydney it is a balmy 45C and my lawn is turning to dust..but that's ok".
I will keep it in the window for a few days just to see if it functions . I have put the suggestion previously for a general-chat room,but the reasons not to have such a feature in lichess are overwhelming and totally convincing.

Someday when I am able to travel I hope to meet some of my lichess friends from around the world. And as soon as I make my way to Australia I will definitely contact you.

If you are serious that would be amazing. Its will be a few years hope you will still be here as I have a long-term plan to make enough money to achieve my dreams of travleing, it is very likely when that day comes I will probably end up living in a foreign country.

lol..I am almost 75 yrs old,so when you say "hope you will still be here "... so do I ...

GOD FORBID...the prospect of being 120 years old terrifies me..even some of my grand-children will be dead by then..but thank you for your kind thoughts.