General chat .

One month after @bunyip 's magazine reference, Alicia Silverstone was born.
I think not

@A_0123456. There is nothing wrong with the topic and since this thread is labled general chat you can just go on with whatever you want and leave the problems to the problem solvers.

@Letgoofmychessego What's wrong with this chat? There is nothing inappropriate in this chat. If there was, then @thibault would be closing it due to reports from others. But no, that's not happening. Instead, this chat flourishes and now, you want to destroy it? This topic is NOT closed. And you cant report it to @thibault and expect to close the chat. You have no support @Letgoofmychessego .

@Kanaan92 I am just trying to change the flow of the conversation so that we dont get stuck on one topic forever and this chat does down.

The convenience of a thread called general chat is that you can just start another. I understand your point as long as no one gets radical then it should be fine. I'm pretty sure the mods are banning the people who post the hate stuff too so there should be less as we move on.