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Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine adverts section August 1976

"POSTAL CHESS CLUB. Opponent-$1.50.Tournament-$5.00. Magazine-75 cents.Ratings given. Chessology. Box 6221-BU Burbank .California 91510."

Sounds good if ya got a coupla years to spare :)

In #15 here @clousems reported the loss of a vital Travel Aid. In one of those spooky coincidences(??),I came across the following advertisement...F+S-F Mag. Sept.1976.

"ALIENS: Celebrate the BicenTentacle-join the American Tentacle Society! $2 brings you amazing button,membership card and new relativistic interstellar propulsion system design. Tentacle,PO Box 9171, Berkeley, CA 94709"

Never thought I would be able to find a relevant conversation in which to use the following quote, but:
"May I pass along my congratulations for your great interdimensional breakthrough. I am sure, in the miserable annals of the Earth, you will be duly enshrined."
--Emilio Lizardo

Even spookier in light of your quote...
F+S-F Mag Aug.1976 advert....

"EARTHPERSONS OF COURAGE and unusual talents,learn who you are,who you were,your special companions. Friendly universal travel association welcomes your inquiry. Send 9 x 12 SSA envelpoe to EOS 1254-7th Ave.,San Francisco, 94122. FREE."

There seems to be a pattern forming with these advertisements...the closer to California ,the wackier the advert gets.

It's not generally known that a person's use of language (speech pattern)is unique to that person.No two people use language in the exact same way,when assessed over a statistically viable sample from an individual.You have very possibly seen examples of this on the internet,where one person visits various sites under different names and you have said to yourself "that person somehow seems familiar."Or a person runs more than one account,or opens a new one after being shunted.
My mind is full of useless trivia like that..but it's handy if you want to get to know the tele-marketers who phone you 12 times a can say.."hello again;you called me three times every day for the past 6's the family?"

Today's wacky advert..same magazine Aug.1976

" ESP LABORATORY:this new research service group can help you.For FREE information write:Al G. Manning,ESP Laboratory,7559 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles Calif.90046."

It occurs to me that the only people who would need to write in for information would be those with no ESP abilities,which would be a waste of time.Real ESP-ers would already have the information.

It is about 16:25 here,and I am on my 3rd beer.The reason I point this out will become apparent.
I have just tracked a column of those little black ants from their nest to our compostibles rubbish bin,a distance of 30 metres.
I estimate their travel speed @ 5cm/second, and their body-length @0.25cm.
This gives me the figure of 12,000 body-lengths/600secs.
I now seek assistance to put this into human terms.Namely..assume average human body-length (1.6 metres?) then express the figures in terms of,say, Usain Bolt running @ full speed for "x" number of secs/mins.The unit might perhaps be called the "Usain".Then double your result,because these little buggers go 30M more on the return journey.
It by now has no doubt become apparent that this mental exercise is beyond the event-horizon of one in my current state of age and alcohol level.
Thanking you in anticipation..