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Black had decided to resign (although it wasn't his turn). White advised his opponent not to give up so quickly. "But I am bound to lose, and there is nothing I—or you, for that matter—can do", said Black. But White insisted: "I'll bet you $100 that I can lose this game!" So the two made the bet and White actually lost. He did not resign, lose on time, or anything like that. How did he lose?

Dumbest pair of players the hell was black bound to lose???

@bunyip Its white turn to move. The only legal moves for whit eis 1. g7+ Qxg7+ 2. hxg7#

Where it shows "players" on the play-page,does that mean number of people online at that moment? It always shows a bit more than games in progress x 2.No big deal,just wondering.

Just saw an article about Aus apiarists petitioning to have access to un-burnt National Park areas.They make a good case.That's something I never would have even thought about,but it makes sense.No bees = no commercial pollination.Huge dollars involved.Let's hope the bureaucrats see the logic.

Um if you're referring to the tounament, the games in progress would be slightly lower than players because some are waiting to be paired and some pause too.