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The players waiting for tournament games would just about be the right numbers to fill the equation.It's always around the same difference,so that makes a lot of sense.TY.

The above game if played out can only be won by white it's inevitable chechmate but white lost by lolly gagging to black and fooled him out of 100 dollars at the same time. @A_0123456. Do I get 100 buck now? To be a more specific he just resigns or time runs out oh I guess I'm too late to this party anyways.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine Sept.1976 ads personal section.

"The writer is working near the water,but is lost without her cereal that smiles."

That's it as return title...nothing.
Obviously some kind of coded message,but from whom to whom,and about what?Was World History changed forever by this ?
It might be "attack at dawn",but it would have to be attack at dawn one month from now,since it was a monthly magazine.
Got any ideas?

One moment. I'm going be looking at this for a while. I want to try.

Is there a decided answer to this or an actual mystery?

Okay: "cereal that smiles" "and near the water"

This has to be related to "the bay of pigs invasion" in the Korean war. @bunyip. ?

Cereal that smiles = pigs lol

Near the water = bay.

Oh the dates dont match? I have to read up on some history I'm not going to Google the article that would be cheating

Google away..this mystery must be solved...was the coded message acted upon?
We need to get to the bottom of could go a long way to saving the planet. @Kanaan92