Finding love on Lichess

Time for everyone to change hands to avoid getting callouses...on my!

№ 42,

  No, since _definitely_ has but one “f.” Although, if we were spelling words phonetically . . . but don’t get me started on that. (I’m with Shakespeare’s printer: all spelling should be contextually variable. Standard spelling is just a terrible idea. Particularly as today’s standard is highly inconsistent, and was chosen by snobs who deliberately picked the least popular variants of many words, just to stick it to everyone else.)

@Satelology69 I'd appreciate it if you let me talk with them first, since I was the original poster here and my rating is higher than yours. It just seems fair that higher rated people get priority here since there are a limited number of girls, and we have probably spent longer playing chess and/or longer on the site.

If things do not work out between me and the girl in question, I'd be happy for you to date them. One member here, post #22 @Foxier, has already expressed interest in trying Lichess dating. I have accepted. Waiting patiently to hear from her.

I warned him about charlatans, and of course I'm speaking for myself. LoL

@Burrower Sorry but I cant let you talk to all the girls. You have played 10000 games of bullet and 0 games of rapid which indicates that you are not interested in relationships only Casual sex. this is very unattractive

@killF7 That's just your opinion man. Girls are naturally atracted to me because im alpha and I dont care about rating points or IQ

@Satelology69 I don't see why time control is relevant. Rating generally correlates well with the total amount of time you have spent on chess, which seems like a fair way to decide date priority here. There is a relatively low % of girls on this site, so it's logical that we need a system of prioritisation. I'm open to other ideas if you have them.

Also, fast time controls probably indicate that someone stays cool under pressure and is ready to respond to challenges as they occur. A very important skill in life. As you can see above, I have now secured a first date from this thread, so I guess only one of us is right about what girls here find attractive.

@Foxier Looking forward to meeting you soon, have a great evening