Finding love on Lichess

Oh I don't care about ratings. I am just saying there is a point where you can't steal women from someone. I would say you might be below that. And since we're talk about stealing women on a chess site, I would say there is something to a rating in that regard. Maybe a 1800 could steal his girl, but certainly not a question marked 1200.

I bet you suck at any kind of sport.You use an artificial online rating to measure your worth..sad.Especially in a specifically non-chess based forum.

Hah! Well I don't feel the need to puff out my chest. And I don't feel the need to worry about high school "I got your girl" conversations. I just thought it was funny you did it. And I think it's funny you think I would care about ratings or that I would care what you think about my pass times. All you even need to know is high school was a long time ago for me, and I have lived all my life pretty happy. Oh and that you're predictable. Maybe instead of worrying about me trolling your high school antics you could simply grow up and not worry about me calling you out on it.

This site is probably 99% male. Doubt it's the best place to find love lol

@bunyip "by the time you finish saying in 20 paragraphs what could be said in 20 words, speedy gonzales (me) has been and gone,leaving your gf smiling"

This isn't true, because I have now secured dates on Lichess (including from this thread, post #47). I take time to write well and women appreciate this. My proof that my time is well spent is that I "got the girl". What you say sounds good, but in reality, how many dates have you secured from your 1,870 forum posts here?

Regarding rating @Purtzian @MeWantCookieMobile it makes sense that women find higher ratings more attractive. This is because of the traits a high rating indicates: hard work, resourcefulness, competitiveness, ability to humiliate other men competing for her (albeit in a game), enough financial security to spend lots of time playing, and so on. These traits are attractive, not rating itself.

@Purtzian also raises the point that this site is 99% male. This another reason for rating priority in Lichess dating. If 1% of players are female, it is fair to pair them with the 1% highest rated males here. Should these dates not work out, then we can gradually move down the rating percentiles until we find a good match. People who are against Lichess dating in this thread consistently have low ratings. I suggest it would better for them to work hard at raising them, than to spend energy mocking people who have secured dates as a result of higher ratings. Let's stay positive.


Daang, never thought I would read about here. I was a kid when I played there. I remember being rated something around 1200-1400 and thinking that 1600 were unbeatable gods. I just tried to sign up there again and play a match to see how I would do now, but I have trouble with the flash player or something. I'm rated 1600 on lichess. Do you think I would be rated lower, higher or probably the same on