Finding love on Lichess

@killF7 Never met a g4 lady. I was listening to "like a g6" song and was reminded of my Ex gf who was obsessed with "chasing the dragon." She didnt play chess

@Foxier I would be interested in a date with you


@dooeyDecimal "haven't found love on here but i have found a lot of hate", " i'm pretty sure i missed the bus on that one", "All in all love doesn't exist , people are cruel, most of us are lonely and nobody cares and work sucks and that's probably I play chess so much."

My friend, it makes me sad to read this because this defeatist view of life will limit what can happen for you. I urge you to be more positive and adopt an attitude that both the life you want and finding love on Lichess are possible. Love never comes unless we give it to others first. It just takes the right attitude and proactivity. For me, it is like a countdown timer. The more friendly and seductive messages I send here, the closer I am to finding my potential Lichess lover. It is inevitable, just a matter of time. If you view things as not possible from the start, you will prevent these possibilities from occurring through your words and actions. Be positive! I am wishing you peace and happiness today friend.


@LaSolitaDomenica "I can imagine the talking with great enthusiasm about some master opening in chess while she is looking at the phone and try to send you message that she's bored...but for you...chess is more important so you go forward :D" --- Yes exactly. I would rather be honest about who I am - a chess nerd who loves theory. It risks rejection, but it also allows me to spend more time with the girls who do appreciate me. This is much better than being rejected 1 year down the line.

"I like the idea that if you are on the best 98% you should have the right to meet or with the 98% of girls on this site or the nicest 2%" --- I don't think it is about having "the right" to meet girls on this site, although that is a nice idea. I think it is more organic because a higher rating is generally more attractive to women because of the character traits it indicates about a man.


@MeWantCookieMobile Very inspiring story, thank you for sharing. If this was possible for you about 16 years ago when the internet was in it's infancy, imagine how much more possible it is to find love online (potentially on Lichess) now. The statistics support this. You are an inspiration.

@Burrower well I'm not saying a girl should neglect your passion for chess...and could also be a reason for having a common interests...but no girl get wet because of can be sure about my point is it's good if you find a girl who like's good if you can play a match in a bar with her while people is pissing on the bar...but I would rather look for something more exciting in order to convince a girl to go to your home....that's my idea...then probably there is more girl than I think that find exciting a queen side castling on a Sicilian defense

@LaSolitaDomenica I understand your points, but with due respect, I think your perspective is rooted in insecurity.

You believe that you have to act a certain way to attract and arouse the girl, because you think you are not good enough and fear rejection if you act differently. Let me give you an example: if you are a billionaire celebrity athlete, would you be worried about her reaction if you mention chess? No, because you know you that you are good enough and that you have a lot of other girls interested in you. You know that if she rejects you, it is more her loss than yours.

What is more attractive to girls than whether or not you mention chess? It is inner confidence and knowledge that you have an abundance of other girls interested in you. She will feel inner confidence emanating from you. I do not need to change who I am or conceal the fact that I am a chess opening theory nerd, because I know I am good enough and have many options. If a girl rejects me on Lichess or in real life, that is her loss. More girls being attracted to me is inevitable.

@burrower well if I was a rock stare a would sleep every night with a different girl in order to accomplish my contract with satana and reduce my soul in so many pieces that you can not even count them....but I will never be a rockstars so I have to live with my insecurities and the fact I'm not perhaps such an interesting person....

you misunderstood my idea...I'm not saying there is no girl who like chess and that in order to have a girl you need to be someone else...I'm just saying that 99% of girls do not give a fuck about chess...and also the girls who care about chess probably do not have chess as a main reason while reasoning about a possible man...

then it is normal that a person should play the cards where he's confident with...if not it is difficult...but for not an answer...then you are better of me...perhaps you can go and win tournaments and there you find the girl of your life...but for me at the moment just a fuck is ok...and for that reason if I need to be fun of madonna...then madonna is my favorite artist...I will try to be the man the girl ask least for some our...and who know...most of the time differences are just a why destroying an opportunity of finding some common traits because of some clear uncommon one

@Burrower in post #34 you "My Friend it makes me sad to read this because....etc...etc" DUDE! Just keep talking like that you'll be very popular.

№ 38,
  He does talk like that, all the time. I can vouch for him. ;)

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  Petra Papp. Rrrrrrlrlll. . . .
  Or Natalia Pogonina; Kateryna Lagno; Alexandra Kosteniuk; Judith Fuchs; Sopiko Guramishvili; Maria Fernandez; Eve Babitz. . . .
  Is it just me, or are all the good women chess players also goodlooking? It’s rather unfair to the rest of us mere mortals, in fact.

@General-__-Advance defo dont metion u play chess if ur from the northern part of England. I made that mistake and have never lived it down. " do u still play chess" etc. Just dont mention it. Trust is its for the best