Finding love on Lichess

I'm interested in trying this out.


I can imagine the talking with great enthusiasm about some master opening in chess while she is looking at the phone and try to send you message that she's bored...but for you...chess is more important so you go forward :D

and trying to furnish you an answer...

yes probably 1 over 3 couples are formed online...but for sure not tnx websites such as lichees but more probably any to tinder and such probably that's what your looking for...

I have real doubt that it is possible using chess as basic topic while trying with a woman...I mean how do you pretend to create that moment if your just talking about check mate patterns?...I would think about some B topic...just in case

I think that the great majority of players on this sites are your counts...

I like the idea that if you are on the best 98% you should have the right to meet or with the 98% of girls on this site or the nicest 2%

in any case good luck by stalking while chatting

The PUA lifestyle is the only option. Using a chess website to find love is merely a buffer for rejection.

@killF7 re your #10

"What was the elevation?
Did you have to adjust to the amount of oxygen due to altitude differences?"

Unless you're fairly certain she's a geophysicist,I'd suggest dropping those Q's from the list.They scream "this is what my big brother said to ask".
(I'm the oldest of three brothers...this is what they do).

is Jennifer Shahade Single? :-) or mayba Anna Rudolf

I met my wife online. If it counts. I met her in a multi-gaming site. When I went there it was to beat up on the chess players there. She wasn't a chess player but played the "Other games". When I was taking a break I would go into those "other games" and relax in there. Some how we hit it off quite quickly. She even haunted me in my chess and tried to take some lessons. She was quickly overwelmed by the first lesson, but we still managed to get together for real. We have been together for 16 years and married for 11. Two kids.. And she supports my chess habit.

Does this count?

If you're interested, the site was The chess players sucked there on average. They all thought anyone over 1800 was an engine no matter how much to told them no. I think I convinced a group of them by knocking them out one by one in 1 and 3 min. It was a good ego boost if I had a bad tournament or didn't do well in dedicated sites like this one.

Be careful of finding girls on lichess. I was hitting it off with this one girl on here during a casual correspondence game. I was white for our first game, where she played a very nice najdorf sicilian that ended up with me winning after a blunder in time pressure. Then she challenged me to a rematch. To my great horror she opened up with the despicable 1. d4 whereupon I immediately blocked her, because as everyone knows girls who play 1.d4 insist on using condoms. Im trying to play 1+0 not 15+15

@satelology69 girls who play 1+0 with you play it also with other attention...they could have traps for you in their weapons

@bunyip yeh they're lame questions. To all of you sack swingers, point is to allow them to talk. When they want you to talk you will know, but that doesn't happen often so don't worry.

@Satelology69 d4 girls ARE a menace but far worse are g4 ladies. They're grobbing all over you with their pieces, it's horrible.