Finding love on Lichess

@Satelology69 yeh, well when girls see me they hang themselves because they know the life they're never going to have. being with a true Alpha male like me.

Sorry i couldnt reply earlier I was just getting off a call with President obama and he says that all the chess girls have to date me. Its in the constitution now. Sorry guys but its the law

Enjoying the jokes but let's come down to reality here please @Satelology69 @killF7.

Love on Lichess is possible. Several posters stated that they met their wives or girlfriends online in similar places (even 16 years ago as with @MeWantCookieMobile). I have also now set up a date with @Foxier as a result of stating my intentions in this thread. There's the proof. So let's all keep a positive attitude and act in ways that create the greatest possibilities for beginning fulfilling relationships here.

In my original post I raised 2 questions. First, I said I would like to hear from people who have found love online. I am satisfied to have heard from several - although people are still welcome to share their success stories. Secondly, I said I would like to hear about specific strategies to convert opponents to lovers.

I'm still very interested in hearing about the latter. How would you recommend transitioning a conversation from the standard "Good game", "Well played", or an interesting discussion about opening theory, towards asking your opponent on a date.

To jump there immediately is obviously a mistake. It's unsettling and too forward. I believe in being a gentlemen. But equally there are definitely progressive and skillful ways to progress to that point through friendly/casual small talk, listening well, and then eventually stating your intentions to your opponent when the time is right. It strikes me as a trainable skill where doing it well will minimise the chances of rejection. I have now secured dates through Lichess but I am humble enough to acknowledge that I still have a lot to learn. What is your conversational strategy to move things from being chess opponents to potential lovers?

Warm regards, Burrower

@Burrower by the time you finish saying in 20 paragraphs what could be said in 20 words, speedy gonzales (me) has been and gone,leaving your gf smiling. But thanks awfully for putting in the hard yards.

I promise you ratings were never even mentioned...girls know perfectly well that a big rating is a compensatory thing.

Try impressing a girl by telling her how well you can fianchetto two bishops at a time...good luck with that.

I have seen a lot of women that choose comparatively to ratings. And my wife has enjoyed some times talking about her husband to other people. Also I have noticed there is a threshold for how low you can go before all women ignore you. Usually around below 1400. So ya.. You didn't say much.

you just keep admiring your rating in the mirror while I take care of business.