Why politics on Lichess?

It's not strange at all. It's only strange if you think lichess uses bans to silence people that disagree with whatever lichess does. That's not the case at all. People are free to have their own opinion on whatever as long as they behave nicely.

@lovlas That's why I said only check people over 2000 automatically since it takes "less than a second". That would only be checking about 20k-30k players and it would appear far less biased than you going and checking someones account after you disagree with their opinions.

it takes less than a second if a physical human being looks at it. If we assume there is 1 million users on lichess and 10% of them are rated above 2000 that's still a lot of people...

I find it funny that apparently those who have no clue about statistics and those who strike at school are not the same...

I agree with the OP. What many people appreciate about lichess is, as he pointed out, the fact that it's ad-free, without any politics, etc. Just a great environment to play chess, have fun, and forget problems from everyday life. I wish it'd continue that way.

@lovlas I can't think of a single job that takes a human less than a second to do that a computer can't also do. I guess chess cheat detection is the one thing even though ironically the single most successful thing computers can do is play chess. Also, the distribution charts of the gamemodes really doesn't paint 1 mil active users but that's another thing entirely.

Anyway, if you guys are going to start taking stands on political issues then its no longer viable to catch cheaters through the forum posts they make. Before, it might have been a strange, unbiased method, but now it raises questions.

Computer runs analysis. Computer stores data. Computer is programmed to only autoban if the data breaches a certain threshold. Data doesn't breach threshold. Computer doesn't ban. Mod clicks the magic button. Mods sees that the data is suspicious. Mod starts investigation. Mod concludes that cheating has occured.

Another thing.

Remember when lichess "updated" to v2 and ruined the compatibility with many browsers? Was this done just to add support for inbuilt ad banners?

@lovlas Computer pings mod when lower threshold warranting investigation is met if player is above 2000. Or keep the lower threshold for investigation someone posting opinions you don't like, but when you start getting political people won't like that.