Why politics on Lichess?

I think it's disgraceful having such nonsense on a chess site.

The science is being completely misrepresented and this victim of child abuse is being used as a poster child while the 500 climate scientists who wrote to the UN about the issue are ignored by the mainstream media.

Stick to chess rather than being the mouthpiece for communists.

If you look closely you might have noticed that you aren't banned, even though you are being a massive pain in the butt. I'm done answering your questions. Have a nice day.

But one another question: many people here are saying: greta has nothing to do with politics, it has to do whith the nature. why greta says to the politicians: you have to act now! why lichess do not say to the people: it is about our nature, please plant a tree! (whithout media hyped greta). p.s. who are the owners of the media who are hyping greta?

@lovlas Because I'm not a 2000 player and I haven't played 14k games. How do i know I wouldn't have 10 fluke games that look like cheating if I was a better player and I played that much?

The guy could be a cheater, I don't really know, the method for starting the investigation was biased which I do know is a problem. I'm sure you guys investigated me too but just didn't find anything. And maybe you didn't investigate people who agree with the narrative. There's just so many problems all stemming from the fact this site suddenly became about politics.

I am a physicist with a PhD and knowledge and an opinion on the climate debate, which is however irrelevant for this thread. Nevertheless, I feel strangely unwell if I see the banner on the frontside and the political activism that is apparently spiking at lichess right know. I am not oposed to political action by anyone, but I don't think that the lichess founders/owners should use this chess webside as a tool for activism. Lichess started as a free-for-all, uncommercial and open source platform. I feel that paradigm somewhat betrayed and I strongly consider ending my patronism of the side.
Furthermore, I feel that panic is never a good basis for any reasonable action or debate. Panic is the opposite of reason in a way. Therefore I strongly suggest that anyone who is seriously worried about the future of our civilization actually reads the IPCC reports and informs themself about the people who constitute this gremium and who is actually left out from the discussion.

All the best

it seams to me that the discussion is over. but what would be VERY interesting for me to know : what does magnus think about this! is he a supporter of greta? he is norvegesian, she is swedish!

Please leave politics off the site. This is the last thing I want to see on the site.

Clearly the site owner doesn't understand that I get besieged with news like this on other sites.

You are in the wrong business thibault.