Why politics on Lichess?

@triceros you are a nut case do you really believe all that right wing imaginary conspiracy crap?

"The exception that proves the rule". To me I understand more and more that there is no pure "this" or "that" in life.
For example: In every bad thing is something good and in every good thing is something bad.

On the one hand I don't like the "ad".
On the other hand I see it "has to be" there.

People should cooperate if they share the same problem.
I think we're now at this point and the solutions the world comes up with are not fast enough.

we are too old, too slow..
we need every hint we can get.. thx thibault for doing the exception, thx greta for doing the job

You guys realize this site is open source and will continue to be... if you’re so upset, fork it and start your own ad-free site and you won’t have to complain at all! You won’t have to make political threads complaing about things that, in the end, aren’t really political issues lol.

@thibault merci, gracias, danke, thanks to you and the others who have created a great open source free server ---
and who have the guts to take a stand on climate change
don't let the negative bastards grind you down (it's a old saying in the US, from the labor movement)
carry on!

On the other hand, if plague or ebola was about to spread to US and Europe, everyone would accept campaigns informing the public of the danger.

Chess should remain chess or does Greta play on Lichess?
This chess platform was polarized out of nowhere into good and evil or fascism and anti-fascism.
Globalism sends its greetings.

I have no desire to get into a debate on the topic, but I do want to say I was disappointed to see a banner on lichess. I've always appreciated that lichess is 100% add free, with one of the simplest and least intrusive UIs of any website I've ever seen. Regardless of how noble a cause may be, I would rather lichess stay out of it and keep things how they are.

I love Lichess and am extremely grateful for everything it offers, and all the work the staff and others put into it. Having said that, I agree that the banner really feels out of place here and I hope it's not the start of a new trend. As others have said, Lichess should stick to chess and keep out of politics.

Thing is, this is worst possible example of social or ecological advertisement.

All the story about Greta is full of fake, illness and mass loss of common sense.

We do have ecological problems in World: plastics in Oceans, overpopulation, loss of forests and water, so on. They are extreme, they will start to kill us in 50 years, BUT mostly Europe and civilized world have nothing to do with these problems.
Now it's mostly about India, China and Africa being too monkeys. They don't see further their own desire to populate and overuse resources from people around and from world in general.
This is why garbage rivers and streets in India, this is why China destroyed all forests, and African families don't have food.

BUT Greta - looks like another subject like feminism, tolerance, area-51 which became ill-viral like a lot of standard advertisements, instead of "Nike" they will have "Greta" on t-shirts.
Looks like she is promoted on top level, governments speak about her, but real reason is unclear.