Why politics on Lichess?

If you hadn't worked it out many of the extinction rebellion people are communists.

@testaccount42 regarding #292, not a mod but if you look at the code (all open), Lichess distinguishes between shadowbanned accounts (people that misbehave socially by insulting, harassing, etc) and cheaters. The moderator manual (which is also public for some reason? I guess it helps for this case.) covers this distinction in detail:

There are probably tens of thousands of harassers and otherwise terrible people on Lichess who are otherwise fair players and allowed to play. Only cheaters are impacted for actual play. They can send messages and write forum posts just fine... as far as they can tell. Their words basically go into the ether. Only other players that are shadowbanned can read their conversations. I don't think I've ever been rude on Lichess so I doubt I'm marked as one, but you can log out and see if you can still see your posts. If you can, then it means you weren't soft-muted. If Lichess wanted to censor you, they could basically flip a switch, but there are piles of negativity in this topic and it's allowed to stay up.

All in all, Lichess seems to recommend to mods to only ban someone from speaking if their speech is inappropriate. Think persistent harassment, serious insults, and things along those lines. They wouldn't ban you from play and that distinction is right there in the database.

Since you threw it out as an idea, there's also a highly sophisticated automated reported system in place like you said, for suspicious play. Looks to have been there for years as well, so not an original idea. Most chess sites with a player volume as high as Lichess probably have something like this. The moderator interface seems to also have had a lot of thought put into it which backs up what @lovlas is saying. It will show you the most suspicious games (based on computer analysis and other factors).

To achieve this, Lichess runs random computer analyses based on certain criteria. I'd wager these generate a huge number of reports depending on the criteria they use. Valid ones, anyway, because most chess players tend to think their opponent is cheating, from my experience!

They also have thresholds to just auto-ban if someone is very suspicious, and game count is relevant if I remember right. If you're a cheater and you use Stockfish or LCZero at high depths, you'd probably get caught pretty quickly. It's people that fall in the gray area that Lichess fine-tunes for.

This is more-or-less a constant process, so I imagine @lovlas was indeed able to see within seconds that player's suspicious games. He probably has the same data visible on *any* player who has played a substantial amount of rated games, and very easily too, it's a matter of going to your profile and clicking a button to pull down the moderation interface.

Anyway, we know of real-life grandmasters who've been caught cheating red-handed. People who have spent their entire life on the game and are now banned for good - knowing the potential consequences of their actions. It's not a surprise at all that someone was banned after 14k+ games.

Not a proper insider perspective, a Lichess moderator can probably add more, but I believe that should cover the question of why that player was banned. This is all open so you can check it for yourself if you set up a development environment, but I'd say what @lovlas said is realistic and honest with all of the above in mind. For all we know, he had a player report that just came in at that time. The evidence points to the player being banned for foul play (it's fair to say the quality of play in Thibault's post #258 looked inhuman) and being checked around this time. And if the player didn't cheat, then they wouldn't be banned.

I hope this helps, let me know what you think of my analysis on the topic as someone who's seen what a moderator would see in theory.

I wonder why all of you are bothered with just ONE ad(And very important one) ? For comparision chess,com uses 100 times more ads,and somehow is still the best chess website.If you started thinking more about future on Earth,or how it will look like in for example,100 years...There can be many possibilities: ice in polar regions might melt,and flood will occur in cities that are near oceans or big seas.There are only one kind of intelligent creatures on Earth: us,humans! No intelligent life was met so far,even in the whole universe.If we do not save our planet now,then nobody will do that.

Just last thing: Sorry for my bad english,and have a good day :)

Arguments about climate change always descend into mudslinging. Take Greta for example: she is not saying anything new, yet the main arguments are "what does she know?" or "she's just a child". Both these arguments are invalid IMO, because the source of information isn't Greta herself, it's however many climate scientists. Go argue with them.

Of course, arguing with climate change deniers is futile. Take the following "different angle"

"What have we got to lose from using renewable energy sources? We won't rely on oil, which will eventually run out, air quality will improve, and it costs less. Win win.". Sounds like a no-brainer to me, but some think otherwise.

Another argument which can't be carried out: "We won't know if climate change predictions are accurate until the time they refer to has come, by which time it could be too late.". This can't be used because the knee-jerk defense is "Ah ha, so you admit you might be wrong! Ergo, climate change is a hoax!". Fallacious argument I know, but I've heard people use it.

At least @risky-chess admits it's an ad.

Please Lichess, if you're going to do this; change your description to: "We'll have some ads endorsing movements such as Climate Change."

I understand people being upset about an ad on lichess, even if it is there for a good reason.
However, people denying that climate change isn't something that is going to affect us need to be informed on the situation right now.
I think that Greta is doing a great job by informing those people. This might not be something that will affect our generation (whatever that is), but this will surely have an impact on future generations to come.

So thank you lichess for being such a great site and providing these resources for free!
Love you all <3

Well, I still did not see anything, but it must be such a sad life to come to chess in order to avoid basic scientific knowledge... to use chess to numb yourself away from reality instead of using it to enrich your life... this is sad.

I came here to play chess and to get away from everything in the world except those 64 squares. This post is to let the designers of lichess know where I stand. It's not that I disagree or agree with the message of the injected advertisment. That said.... I'll be showing myself the door. over and out,