Why politics on Lichess?

Maybe the Lichess Meets should have this same type of green pop-up on the bottom of the home page.
That way more people will see the link.

What will happen if we don't X out the green links? Will they all appear as a big list ... when someone shows up 3 months or a year later?

Global warming is an existential threat. Ignoring it *is* a political action.

Don't bring activism to an ads free chess site where people go to play a game. If we want to, we'll follow the news. If we don't, leave us alone. Or are you after the young population on the site? Such an exhausting topic. This is not a political forum, stop pushing your ideas unless it's opening theory

I just read every post in this thread...easy to spot who has the hidden agenda in all this pseudo-outrage.
But let me offer this..."global warming" has quietly morphed into "climate change".(more precise,less hysterical)
In about 1960, in December(Summer here) I literally fried an egg on the concrete footpath of my parents' house.
Any legal means to reduce greenhouse gases emissions is without doubt not only desirable,but indeed a moral obligation to future generations.
I have spent my life in Sydney Australia,and everyone of my generation here would say the current increases in temperature are reminiscent of our childhoods.
The pertinent point is that the science suggests the increases may well far exceed normal 60 year weather cycle conditions.And continue,thus setting in place a positive feedback loop.
Finally,those who attempt to gag(legal) freedom of speech tend to arouse in me a deep suspicion of their motives.

#92 An asteroid strike is an existential threat, should we have a link to the NEO project from NASA? Am I taking a political stance by not raising awareness or funding to fight it? What about the countless other existential threats? Do we have to participate in all of them or are we only doing the ons thats are popular atm?

Point is, this is absolutely not the forum to discuss such matters guys.....
Go to social media and media sites and forums dedicated for these discussions!

Yeah. Let's just all play online chess undisturbed until the world crumbles! Imagine if we made the world a better place for no reason, what a shame that would be.

I like chess, I like lichess but I don't like political position Greta Thunberg.

I agree, we should keep politics off of lichess; This *isn't* an existential threat. Perhaps the very late solar cycle 25 is a threat, but that's outside the scope of this discussion.

Note the (similar) young climate activist from 1992 with her own UN speech; She was worried there would be no butterflies left by 2002, but we're OK.

Then you have Greta - she's suing 5 of the cleanest countries on the planet: Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina and Turkey. Why isn't she suing China, Vietnam or Thailand? Carbon emissions are rapidly declining from western countries, but rapidly increasing in countries with little or no environmental regulation. (western countries should consider adding carbon tariffs/duties from countries with out-of-control environmental pollution/carbon emissions? That would actually reduce the carbon emissions at the source!)

I do agree Greta Thunberg is a very talented actress; Check out her other work on IMDB ( ). But when she's off-script, we observe the carefully scripted propaganda breaking at the seams:

Again, climate alarmism/climate conspiracies shouldn't be peddled at recreational sites like lichess.

-A Humble Climate Scientist

#97 I wasnt aware making the world a better place was as easy as putting a link on a webpage when its already all over the internet.