Why politics on Lichess?

For me, it's not the subject that is a problem, it's the way the link presented itself on the home page.
I'm use to seeing things from the Lichess blog or forums. I click on the blog or forum pages when I'm ready to read.
I clicked on the green link by curiosity and that was done as soon as I got on the site. I was not ready to see I was getting redirected to another site. The impact was not a positive impact. I did not want to read the other persons website. I was ready to read all the posted messages in this topic on this site.

The subject link should also have been placed under the link section ...

>If you're uncomfortable with having things unrelated to chess in this website, why haven't you taken a stand against Lichess's philosophies before?
I confused by that "link". What been before on Lichess - another theme of talk.
So Lichess ad-free or not? If not - that link is okay. If ad-free - why link is here?

@Toscani I think the point you make is a reasonable one to be addressed.

Even after the initial login wether the link is on the front page or not, it should be placed somewhere we can go to it at anytime if one so desires.

If this isn't already the case... I'm unsure haven't looked yet.

Yeah, that Greta propaganda turned me off too. I come for quick games, and I am faced with that new age religion on the main page... chess24 now maybe?

political, scientific fact, ad or not... it's not chess, not related to chess. So, it's a big green not-related-to-chess popup on lichess. I'm a bit amazed by that. What's the next step ?

I totally agree with OP. I come to lichess to get away from politics, religion and daily global events. Spamming this webpage with any form of activism is just a big distraction and leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Not that my opinion should matter anymore than another:

@thibault and all of lichess staff. For what it's worth, I am encouraging you to hold strong against all the criticism. Make any adjustments you see necessary. And know that so many of us are proud to see you put world matters before all the risks involved. We thank you. There will be many more supporters within the hours. I have no doubt.

I dont want lichess to go down the route of anything not chess related. Whatever the cause I dont want it advertised to me.