Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

@SPINideas #961 count me in but i have found a nice way, a fully dynamic electromagnetic way without a use of stable magnetic fields to be able to create a travelling magnetic field - like in a levitating train (TGV etc.) - but need some time to find out what energy needs to be transported to move a little piece, what are the field change and strength requirements. Sure will share my thoughts to the public as i have no marketing or CGI skills :)

#962 The Phantom is rather an example of SquareOff - but in that paper you attached on other page they show a robotic arm made by Excalibur for around 500$ :)

I started to follow the whole Regium discussion a little after the statements by lichess,, and chess24. Indeed, the whole thing seems very shady... Showing fake people on your website or people not involved with your company, come on.
Now I just watched their latest video, "Clarifications" (link below) where they claim to display the original footage and thus seemingly explain the inconsistencies. I haven't found comments on that video in the threads, maybe I didn't look in the correct spots. Just wondering - what do you think about it? Is that also fake...? If yes, how to spot it...?

I was thinking... even if a DGT board was created based on the Regium ideas that was really thick and expensive I still would buy...The whole Regium scam still made me hungry

This whole story left me with some uneasy feelings and some positive vibes at the same time:

1. I always had positive feelings about the idea that innovative ideas could get funding and see the day of light. Now I am disappointed that it seems that Kickstarter is no more than a platform without morals. The Regium project is still live. I think Kickstarter should have supspended and started an investigation.

2. The idea of a board that could deliver like Regium is obviously a dream for a lot of chessplayers. The attention was overwhelming and this could mean that an honest project like Regium could be profitable.

3. It seems that DGT has picked up on the idea and that is a positive thing

4. On the one hand it was great to see that a collective effort on the net made sure the scam was unraveled and the whole scheme led to nothing. On the other hand the discourse here and on sometimes took a tone and use of words and namecalling that made me feel rather uneasy. That means something, I am Dutch :)

5. Great chess platforms and magazines were easily convinced to accept sponsering and advertisement of a company that did not even exist. I have heard the term due dilligence a lot in the discussions, but I think it is easier, if you accept money from a firm you check the company you are doing business with?

6. It took some time but Chess24 and sort of retracted their support (or at least wanted to deny the percieved support). I for myself would have preferred more bold statements accepting and acknowledging their errors in judgement.

7. I think the man behind all this needs help more than punishment. But maybe I want to believe he is really confused and desillusioned with life more that a simple thief.

8. Also the fact that after all this the story still continues worries me. I see the Kickstarter still runs, the website is online again.

9. I think it is worth considering legal actions. I read with interest some discussions on this and the arguments were made by obviously more knowledgeable people, but I do remeber some cases were "trying" to scam people were already punishable.

10. I still want a Regium board.