Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

@trff: Nobody outside their small circle has ever seen a working prototype, let alone any representatives of the websites their project is allegedly geared for ... that alone would be a big red flag in my eyes, besides all the other shady stuff they pulled.


re point 5. People that live and breathe chess and were familiar with existing boards were suspicious the moment they saw the first video.

You can see in the videos of that regium sponsored where Danny Rensch and Robert Hess did a live ad, they said "it's not science it's magic" and there were lots of eyebrows raised and smirks.

It's likely and it even appears like some people in were suspicious the moment they saw the first video, yet they still accepted the money and advertised it.

@h2b2 #975

As a business it is understandable that chesscom accepts any sponsorship opportunity, but "endorsing" a product that is still "work in progress" is putting your self at risk, unnecessarily.

@rfw I thought Angel had given up 5 times already, I've been wrong 5 times. I thought he wouldn't bother putting it up on kickstarter for example. He's invested a lot of time and money, he might have even borrowed money or had outside investors.

It was very professionally done, this might not have been his first kickstarter and it might not be his last and I don't think he has given up on regium just yet.

edit: this is in response to an earlier comment of yours, not #976


What I meant to say was that the "product" is the same regardless what they will label it, who is selling it (Angel or Diablo) and where they try to sell it (whatever crowdfunding sites they use). The moment we see such extraordinary claims re-appear online, we would all get this Deja Vu feeling, right?!

I agree with you that they might still try and try again. Shame on them to have fooled me into believing once, but there is no way that they succeed twice because the shame would be on me then 🤦‍♂️

But, what if Alexandra Martin can convince me that drinking corona 🍺 makes me immune from corona the virus? I might change my mind 😁

They’re starting to gain the money back on Kickstarter... it went from 31k to almost 34k in a day D: