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  3. Adding Rapid and Slow rating categories. - Please vote !

@Prief , yes thanks for the reminder. You inspired me into an excellent idea, to talk about it in tournament chats ! I don't know how many votes are needed but that may brig us way more votes.

@playerok , yes Classical is likely to bee maintained. I realized the "Standard" name is not too good. A discussion is going on about implementing it. The poll of 30+ min players is big enough for a new range under current conditions and it is very likely to increase as soon as the new rating is there.

I really like the idea, because, for example, classical tournaments (10min) can be much like blitz. I even have to go bullet eventually, in most of my classical games. I would avoid those if I had a classical rating based mostly on 30min games or 25+10.

The downside is that very few people relatively play 30min or more, but right now "classical" is indeed too wide of a time-control range.

I voted for the option that seems to be leading easily.

@EvilChess I have seen 3 polls now. If you give me 1 link, then I will also mention it to my opponents in the chat when I play a game.

Yep @Prief , this one we have a greater number of votes:

Thanks !

@Spartako - as for "very few people relatively" - for example some variants weekly stats:
King of the Hill - 756 players
Three-check - 835 players
Racing Kings - 452 players

In comparison to above - we have in long chess games: 180 players in Lichess4545 league + about 60 alternates, 175 players in last season of LoneWolf tournament. Even if some of them play in both tournaments, we have at least about 300 players of long games. Only in these tournaments. I'm sure there are many people playing long games besides any tournaments. So, I think creating seperate rating for these games makes sense.

@chgreg , watch the Lobby for a while on a full rating range, casual and rated, and notice about 10% of the ads are in the 30+ min range, and they usually start within less then one minute. Takes longer for lower rated players.

That tells me we probably already have about 5k week games over the 30+ min range. And I believe that after the 30+ split feature, the number of those games may triplicate.

vote for the dubble shplitte

it would be nice if we could keep up the hype for all of this! @evilchess any further suggestions? [EDIT:] It's READY FOR THE DEVS! >200 VOTES, >75% RAPID ADDITION VOTES!!! EVILCHESS, YOUR JOB TO SPEAK TO THE DEVELOPERS!

@idh82bu , yes, we need to keep up the hype, because some developers aren't giving much credit to this idea (despite the poll results). So I had an idea, to organize a tournament for the weekend and try to bring as many players as we can to it.

Sad news is that public tournaments only go up to 7+2. All we can do now is to create a public tournament 60 minutes before it starts. But we can spread the word along the week sending a forum link. If it is a success, then we would have proven something.

So what time control should we use, 15+15 (e-time = 25), 30+0 or something else ?
What's the best time of the day?
Saturday or Sunday?

Thursday or Friday maybe... 15+15 sounds good! OTB stuff on the weekend

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