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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Adding Rapid and Slow rating categories. - Please vote !

From 80 votes of :

9% (7 votes) to have no change
6% (5 votes) to the "whatever" choice
85% (68 votes) to split Classical as:
-- 36 voting for a 30 min split, 7 of those voting for a second split at 90 min
-- 32 voting for a 25 min split, 15 of those voting for a second split at 75 min

@Prief , now I'll see were I can get. I seems like not all paces have been updated for Ultrabullet yet.

Great idea. I think defining "8+ minutes" as a "classical" time control just doesn't fare well.

Need more votes on the original poll please:

come ON... voters! adding two is obviously the solution, as 30 minute games are like USCF scholastic tournaments, and are obviously different from full 120 + 120 like in OTB.

@idh82bu , I agree, but don't worry. Once we have the first split and it turns out to be a success, the 2nd split will be easier to reach. I promise. So main concern was about were to do the first split, and 30 min choice has consistently received more votes in all voting polls.


@EvilChess , are you in touch with lichess developers ? If so, are they convinced to do this change ?

@chgreg , I tried, but for now it seems we need more votes to prove that the change is welcome. We have 148 here:

@EvilChess How many votes are needed? Most people do not come to the forum. I myself sometimes do not visit it for months.

I think the 'classical' name is lichess property and it attractive to the new player's more than the 'rapid' or 'standard' name.I would like if other people think about that.Besides that more rating category can be more messed up.Most important thing is how fast I am getting paired if I want to play a 15'10" or 30 min game.Will a new rating category increase people's(existing) interest to play slower games?If yes then the developer's can think about that.

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