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King's Indian fun.

Very nice finishing shot. I'm not familiar with White's Qc1 plan, but it doesn't seem like a great idea.

Thanx. Qc1 is practically non-existent, just one game in my db. Best moves are a4!, g4!, b4?!, Rc1! as far as I know.

13.Rc1 Ng6 14.c5 Nxc5 15.b4 Na6 is a common and sound sac, knight on the rim. Actually I wasn't sure about the same line white's using 13.Qc1 instead of 13.Rc1 that's why I didn't snack the pawn.

The rest was more or less thematic. Black always messes up the position and wins after all, I cannot handle the difficulties with White myself. I do not enter such lines as White.

The Englisch attack against the Kan often turns into the English patient.

Blitz 5+0, Sarg0n Black.

The pawn sac e4 followed by d4-d5 is typical of the QGA. Good technique means being versed at tactics.

(Sarg0n 5+0 on his mobile)

Sometimes the attack continues without Queens and despite the presence of Bishops of opposite color.

Blitz, I had the white pieces.

Rather elementary trick in the KID - Black is winning im the opening.

5+0, Sarg0n Black.

Gut gemacht , SARGON !!!

Funny, how one of the proud bishops went overboard.