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A common motif in Bg7-systems worth keeping in mind. Black is better instantly after Ng4!

Oh, no! During the game I thought that 31. ...Bh6+ is both stylish and precise since 32. ...Qc1 would deliver mate but then Black can sac Qe3 and Bf4 in no-brainer-style and therefore it is even dubbed "31. ... Bh6?!". Because it is only #3...

Yet another example where a trend for the whole game is established (Black is better) but lots of inaccuricies and mistakes. At least no blunder, lucky me! :D

Oh cool, finally a flawless game after some blunder marathons. Some decisions took me longer time, e.g. 16. Ne5! and 19. Nf6! one minute each.

b3 and g3 against KID is tricky and state of the art. Not that easy as it looks like at first.

Winning the bishop was not the main threat...

(triple zero game, like hitting the triple „20“ :D)

What the hell?

Nothing serious. I thought White was playing a bunch of inferior moves and suddenly he was better after Nc4-d6 actually... Never surrender though!

To keep the thread alive.

Looked smoother than it really was... many improvements suggested by the dried cod.

Computer sind doof... Engine doesn't appreciate my CK-thematic 13. ... Qb5. Notebook closed.

A touch of Mischa Tal, at least I thought about the Queen sac only some seconds.

A Knight on the rim ain’t dim.