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g6 is theory?

It‘s not the main move in this sound gambit line. But ...g6 is reasonable, it keeps the knight off (f5). White‘s a bit better I guess.


KID fun. It wasn’t White‘s best day, blitz rating 2188...


Don’t know if my 10. c5 is theory at that particular point, nevertheless thematic in general.

5+0, 2222 vs. 2216

Looked it up, at least it has been played before. 10. c5 is the clear choice of the Si beasts.

The Sicilian. I like the flexible 2. ... a6. And Qg5, mate!

Training today, 5+0, Sarg0n Black, White 2232

KID doesn't necessarily mean that there's no need to resolve some dry technical issues like a K+R endgame... Rather a long blitz game.

I like the super-flexible 1. ... b6. Even Grischuk finds it tricky against 1.c4. Smooth display here tonight.