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From time to time I play some games. My formula is open >2000.

Basically this gambit has rung hollow since ever. Snacking all the pawns and winning the endgame. It would have been better though not putting a whole rook en prise wit 31. ... Re6 - but this was just a minor detail. :D

Enough training for this morning - I go swimming!

Fun mode switched on!

Lol, that last one is pretty cool!

Thx :D

Actually played on the mobile before getting off the train - there's no rematch, sry! Got to go... ;)

Yesterday I participated in a decent otb rapid tournament, 5*ch, 25 participants. I was placed 5th on the setlist and that's where I ended finally with 4/5. The winner had 4.5 points and I was last of the bulk with 4 points.

Last round, many mistakes and cooperation... White was a young fellow with say, 2100 Elo.

Yet another one, Black Elo 2000 approx.

After c4-c5! Black is dead as a dodo usually.

Nice game! c5 is a nice idea!

Thx. I am always trying to give at least one pointer or a witty comment. Maybe you‘ll find the one or other chunk memorable.

Oh, what a lucky man he was!

Kasparov's pawn sac 7.d4-d5! is still a valid (best?) option but one has to play 11.e4! instead of 11.Nd6? and Black was better. It all went downhill 'til -14.5 but the guys focus on time and not on quality... Blunder marathon!