Game analysis

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Strange Eval0
by userfriendly2
He fell for it...0
by AMMAR2012
Knights before Bishops.5
by Nisko1234
22 move gxf6 Caro-Kann. 19 acl, 96% accuracy. not bad for a patzer like me.2
by Nisko1234
Is lichess broken or did I play perfectly? (100% accuracy)10
by Nisko1234
Puzzle in the Center Game, Kieseritsky opening4
by Nisko1234
If you guys need a good laugh check out this game loooooool 16% accuracy2
by Nisko1234
Struggling to evaluate positions!7
by ProfessorStudious
Help needed learning 'endgame theory'7
by Alientcp
Why is 8. Qd2 a mistake?7
by NM MrPushwood
Your king is a fighting piece - use it!1
by NM MrPushwood
not very accurate but certainly tarantinoesque2
by NM MrPushwood
I beat Zhigalko!0
by TastyKing
Sparing partner for najdorf6
by Molurus
From having a worse position in middlegame to winning the endgame.0
by checker99