Game analysis

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Ooh Love That very Much5
by Eaten_Apple
Know your endings and tactics or feel the pain3
by Grungar
Suspicious Eval?4
by AsDaGo
Bet a 2400+5
by Dushyanth123
My GotM contender so far, what you think please? Be kind lol1
by NM MrPushwood
hate to Play like that, but very Funny0
by aVague
8 captures in a row4
by rookflake
Hope I finally make a puzzle from one of my games xxx1
by Cedur216
This person performed a reveal attack on themself0
by myoung11
Shallowest legal strict transposition7
by dboing
Nice Perert Pressing in the End )))4
by aVague
An interestin game in my Club Championship1
by NM MrPushwood
Instructive game illustrating anger without words.0
by WassimBerbar
My hardest classical game this month.6
by verylate
by AsDaGo