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The Bishop b4 stuck out like a sore thumb...

I simply had to move 22. Nb5! :D


5+0, QGA, Sarg0n white. Nice.

Merry X-Mas and ... Don't mess with Harry!

Improved Lissizyn gambit.

Fun fact: writing down this posting the mate was used for the captcha!

Actually I tried to rescue the inferior position by means of creating bishops of opposite colors, but after 21. ... Kd8 it was won out of a sudden. :)

In connection with further material one should use caution with opposite-colored bishops.

Sarg0n white, 5+0

Many, many mistakes... 11. ... Qb2 was cool though. 😎

Sarg0n Black, 5+0

A typical Hedgehog with a snake-like Bishop Bf8-e7-d8-c7. Thematic.

(White 2349, unrated game)

C‘mon! 4.d4?! the only inaccuracy. (1/0/0)

Lichess 5+0, Sarg0n White vs. 2128