Finding love on Lichess


I don't really remember pogo. I went away from playing there regularly shortly after my wife and I moved in together. But when I was there I was over 2000 on bad days. And I never considered 1600 all that strong. No offense intended.. On average here I don't consider 1600 that strong, but it could be stronger here than there. I am not a big fan though of comparing rating systems outside pools. Last time I tried to log in I had troubles because I think they are or were trying to make chess apart of the premium package. I think that was 8 years ago. If you went there and find out it works I wouldn't mind showing up just for shits and giggles.

in chess, 6/10's are treated like models. a pretty 2000 dates with gm's. exceptions: you already have another successful career/very handsome/reasonably wealthy.

no need to bother. it's much better to find your soulmate outside chessworld.

If anyone here has an income > 300k I would consider a serious relationship where I move in and bear your children. I am an attractive 24 y.o female, great cook and good at domestic tasks. The income thing is because I want to live comfortably without working — I don’t have anything to contribute through capitalism and it just makes me ill. Full disclosure - I just started playing chess a week ago. Please respond here and not through DM in case other ladies are interested in the pool of men here.

@chess_pest Thank you for your offer. With all due respect, I think dating on Lichess should be prioritised by rating, rather than financial income. Firstly, there is no way to verify income easily and it is unreasonable to share such personal details. Secondly, rating is a good indicator how long someone has spent on chess and accurately indicates their character traits (hard work, resourcefulness, etc) that make a good prospective partner. Thirdly, we have high certainty that rating here is a close approximation of skill due to sophisticated cheat detection on this site - so it is a lot more easy to verify than income.

I would consider a first setting up a first video call date if you want to consider high ratings rather than income. And for the record, my net worth is high, but I won't use that advantage here because it undermines the fairness of the system.

For the past few days I have also been working hard on creating the UI for the new Lichess Dating. Here is a small preview:

Much more to come.

the day a woman says to me "your ratings too small", "well honey if you think thats small look at this...", seriously if that happens i'm giving up on dating forever, and perhaps chess .. @chess_pest would 80-100k cut it?, i'm a 36 somewhat attractive male

I will delay making my offer til I see how the death threat I just got in pvt.message from a deranged drug addict pans out.I would hate for @chess_pest to be a widow before we even got on board the QE2 for our 6 month world cruise honeymoon.


Don't change who you are or how you would describe yourself to attract someone, just be yourself, but just don't bore them with details that they may not understand, or accidently making them feel like you think they are stupid or that you are not interested in them, and that you are just interested in yourself.

If they don't like you the way you are, then you are better off knowing from the start.

Please give updates on your dates Burrower. Excited for you