Finding love on Lichess

@MarioGomez I don't know anything about that, and I'm sure i don't agree. Dude there's always me to look down at and as for my previous comment I hope you know it was a joke.

This room needs a boost of confidence.

Thank you @killF7. You are a good man.

🙇🙇🙇 (respectful spiritual bow towards you).

May everyone here be happy and at peace. And may everyone here successfully convert their opponents into lovers as a result of advice and inspiration in this thread.

@killF7 the less you know about that, the better off you are. After all, there are supposedly over 7 million people on this planet. There are plenty of souls out there who deserve a lot more to be cared about


Definately and Without A Doubt NO. Wrong. B.S. Baloney. What did you sign up to appear here on earth and then realized you didn't meet the required standard? No. You arrived just like the rest of us. We all are the same in that, no more, no less. If you messed up, get in a long long line of people just like you who got in line before you. For centuries. Humans are flawed.

My tone sounds harsh above, it is not inteded to be.

@hampy Were they virtual dates and did he virtually get laid? Or just mildly pixellated?

Thank you @hampy

Hey @bunyip I appreciate your sense of humour and wish you well, but would it pain you to celebrate the small successes of others and be positive here?

Not everyone is confident enough to go into bars and make women swoon immediately. Nor does everyone like alcohol. Some of us need to start online, with small steps. It still takes proactivity and courage. Lots of relationships start online these days (40%), it's a new and changing world. So I think we should encourage eachother rather than poke fun

@Burrower I'm deeply concerned for your emotional welfare..that's why I asked..oh, and in the context of this thread, maybe the term "poke fun" might ,in the immature minds of some, lend an unintended smut factor to an otherwise seriously probing question.

edit..maybe I could have done better than "seriously probing..

@bunyip again, I appreciate the humour, but if you were truly concerned about my mental welfare:

Would the wisest approach be to joke at my lichess dates with other users here e.g."virtually getting laid"..."or just mildly pixelated". I feel I need to remind you that we are real people you are talking about.

Or would it be wiser to be supportive and congratulate me on small successes?

Often people aren't in perfectly mentally balanced or happy situations, and they do need some support and encouragement about steps they have taken. At least personally, I try to keep this in mind when encouraging others. Wishing you well