Finding love on Lichess

@killF7 I don't really understand your point, but hey, this might probably be an immediate implication of my below-average intelligence (and other mental disorders that I might suffer from). Your first and last statement were, maybe, a bit too clicheic for my taste, but still, there might be some truth in your wise-looking words

@killF7 I am, because I have reasons to be. Fortunately, you don't know me personally. I am a scum. I can't change that, that's simply my nature. Sounds harsh, maybe, but I can't lie to myself anymore. I did it for years, I had enough of it

@Burrower @killF7 @MarioGomez I genuinely feel we have achieved some small but almost significant progress here today.

I note that in approx. 1 hr the pub will be open..that gives you all time to freshen up and put on some decent clobber. My first shout.

@hampy I think handing myself in at a crematory would be a better choice for us all

@MarioGomez come on friend, this thread is about the potential for love and beginning fulfilling relationships on Lichess.

You are caught in a bad mood today, but you will be fine, everyone has their flaws. We are all human. Let us focus on the positive here

@hampy it's a bleak and blustery morning here,but thanks for the thought. Maybe you could wire the money for your shout direct to the bar?