connection bug

so i was playing match, in the end i made a move and opponents time run out, then after it shows that i lost that match because i didnt make a move with no time, wtf lichess

i have this too. For me the cause seems to be that my provider, Telefonica, "had" some problems when merging E+ and O2 Nets. This was a long term problem for many users in Germany. But when they said they fixed it, it still didnt work here (and im sure it still doesnt work for a lot of other users). A few days ago i wrote them a mail. The answer was that they found out that some connection masts in my location were broken ... It is a bit better now, i can play bullet again, but still disconns from time to time. A while ago i couldnt even send messages in the chat.

You may have such issues too if you use E+ or O2.

Lichess also has made changes in their handling of Web Sockets a while ago, as they reported in the blog, this may or may not be a cause, i dont know.

I also have connection problems some times. Other bots have them too. I think they are because your router restarts. I think it restarts to change the IP address of the router. Usually home routers have dynamic IP which means that it changes its IP. Static IP on the other hand doesn't change the IP of the router. I am not sure if that's the reason.

I had that several times. And the most annoying thing is that i've turned off everything else that was using internet and was monitoring the network use. Often the connection spiked 100 KiB (that is a large 'B' and not a small 'b') either uploading or downloading. I cannot figure out what sort of data needs to be coming through that fast and still the move is not being sent.

Server lag between lichess and my account while playing a game. Unresponsive and time keeps running and loss of a lot of games. What is the deal with this server?

That is interesting (my connection is "good"), but it doesnt answer the question why connections get aborted (the clocks stop) and users have to reload. Unless Lichess has implemented a mechanism which cuts the connection when the user lags too much and tries to create a new connection. I dont know how this works exactly.