Annoying time bug

I just lost a match (not the first time) because the game freezes, I can't play, but the clock keeps going. All of a sudden I forfeit on time. I believe I won some games the same way. It is more frequent now than months ago. Is it going to be fixed, please?

I have seen this, too, and refreshing the web page tends to cure the problem temporarily (on firefox at least).

I also have this problem.
Many people have been complaining about this lately in the forum.
But so far no solution.

I'm really fed up with this issue. I'm not staying with lichess

If you look at the time at the end of the game my timer would continue to run down even during my opponents turn. When I would take 1.9 seconds to move 10 seconds would be taken from my timer. When my opponent takes 6 seconds to move it takes it 4 seconds from my timer and 2 from his. Also during the game, he showed as offline except for the split second when he would take his move. Have been in touch but nothing has been done about it as yet.

yes i jhave got the same bug during my first game this morning :
clock freeze then suddenly lost on time. Firefox 64.0.2 (64 bits), Windows 7.
It happens several times per day (lets say 4-5 games for 100 games).
Really annoying because i moved to firefox because chrome upgrade 70 was VERY slow with lichess. I think i gonna move try with IE now....

I get the same buggy time behavior

What's really annoying is that it shows the opponent's clock running down, when it is actually your own clock that is losing time. This never used to happen before, only within the last few weeks. Constantly having to hit refresh is not an option if you are playing a fast blitz game.

Hello, going back to Chrome 70, and same issue every 10-15 games bullet. Clock freeze during 5-10s then loosing same amount of time on myside.
Note that i had to disable material acceleration in Chrome to restore decent performance since upgrade 70.

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