connection bug

ok, forget my script, it seems not to work. These disconns suck.

If lichess had an alternate way to connect instead of using web sockets, maybe the disconnects would stop disconnecting.

There are other websites that when we play against the computer it will work in school.
They are probably not using websockets. Using the same computer the does not work correctly. It always reconnects and the engine is not able to respond, not even on the lichess practice link.

It's probably because lichess uses web sockets and the connection is made but the web socket hand shake is not getting completed. I assume some of the fault is on the client side, but if the server side had an alternative if it was not able to connect using websockets it might become the solution.

I guess testing our browser for websock connection is the first step.

Websockets is actually a better technology than simple AJAX or web pushing, so i understand why lichess uses ws rather than something else, but there's definitely something wrong with implementation.

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