desktop time ran out incorrectly

I had this error first time today - Chrome on Win 7

after i played my move, both the timers stopped and then it showed i lost on time. i did get a 'reconnecting' warning but it went away soon and then i had this issue.

Happened just 2 minutes ago (around 3.50pm IST)

I had it happen to me as well a while ago, im not sure why it happened

It sometimes happens when your PC loses connection to the server. Refreshing generally fixes this. If you spot something is wrong with the clocks tap F5 and it should be resolved.

yes probably but again this morning same issue after 3 games played.
If it came from my personal internet connection, i would be the only one facing the issue, but many feedback from different players on this issue.

The problem is that I do not know when the connection is lost.
Now i'm worry when my opponent doesnt play for 5s, i think i'm facing the issue so i refresh by securty. Not compatible with bullet play.

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