When Opponent Moves But Doesn't Press Clock


That is completely different. I am not competing against someone crossing a street.

Now if that person was racing me across the street or something then yeah.. If he stumbles I would probably go back and help after I win.

The least you could do if give matching analogies.

You are content to be an un-ethical chess player...entirely your choice @MeWantCookieMobile
The telling statement by you is that you would first win due to your oppnent stumbling...and then maybe you would help him.

Haha well I am not here on this planet to impress you. The only people I care to impress live in my house. Beyond that I can care less. There are many different opinions in this world bud. And while you're free to express those opinions .. That doesn't mean they are correct, nor does it mean I need to adhere to them.


@bunyip Ay yi yi. This is not a black-and-white issue; there's more than enough gray area to leave it up to individuals to make their own decisions about how to handle this scenario, without censure. This has happened at the highest levels of chess (between Kasparov and Karpov in the 1980s), has been debated endlessly, and there is no pat answer.

Some follow-up questions for you to consider:

1. You're playing a tournament. Your opponent seems to be unaware he's about to lose on time. Are you going to tell him?

2. Your opponent keeps forgetting to hit his clock. You've said "Your clock" twice already. Are you supposed to keep doing this? At what point does it become your opponent's responsibility to manage his own clock?

3. Your opponent was apparently distracted by a brilliant attack he's putting together and seems entirely unaware that your last pawn move has given your B a clear shot at his Q, which is hanging. It's an absurd oversight, a blunder that really has no place in tournament play. Do you tell him by pointing to your B? If not, why are you willing to exploit that oversight but feel obliged to point out the error with the clock?

@bunyip Huh? I don't even know what that means in this context, frankly. Anyway; moving on.

you an ethical person I point that out to you.


You're points are good. I have seen him take opposing sides just to get a rise out of people. Little more obvious here.

There is no debate with no give and take. Good job on expressing yourself by the way.

No,@mewantcookiemobile. You are now telling lies=trolling.You run other accounts,I'm told.

Give examples of me taking opposing sides just to get a rise out of people or be reported.