Thinking of creating a chess channel

You don't have to be a genius to have a chess channel.

You can even make money from your patrons.

Simply look at the account of the Lichess player named hpy. Hanging pawns.

I guess basically I'm a hyper chess fan who wants to share the game of chess with others, but maybe there's a better way to do that than a chess channel... Thoughts?

it's all marketing. he has a TON of subscribers, not sure how. it's all about getting those subs. i've seen fantastic channels with zero subs. when in doubt, get super attractive bikini models to stand next to the chess board and take off clothes as the game is played until left with their bikini.

For anyone wishing to start a chess channel, I think there are some ingredients to Agadmator's success:

- hard work and consistency. He didn't get his massive viewer numbers overnight, and for years now he uploads a new video almost every day, in consistent quality. Especially as long as your channel doesn't support your living costs, this is hard work.

- connect to your audience. Reply to comments, be present on social media, organize lichess arenas etc.

- One thing that I also find interesting about Agadmator's success: He's not a GM, basically a very good club player. He's also not a native English speaker. Daniel King's videos for example are much more elegant. BUT I think Agadmator is just so tremendously likeable for us average players, because he's somehow "one of us". I think that, and his consistency in uploading videos daily, leads to many viewers watching every day, like sitting around the camp fire every evening.

- Luck. Some youtubers are successful, most are not. There is not always a logical reason.

So, I guess what I want to say: It's not just about the quality of the analysis.