Thinking of creating a chess channel

I've been reading a lot of comments on this website about how agadmator's chess channel is simply an Ashley-esque recitation of computer analysis, and while I don't fully agree with that position, I do think I could create a chess game-analysis channel that is higher-quality. Here are some ideas I have:

1) Similar to agadmator's chess channel, analyze recent or historically significant games. This is simply the best way to connect with the chess fans and audience.

2) Include relevant commentary and history. For instance, if the game was part of a match, I would put the match situation in context for the viewers. I would also hypothesize how I think each player was feeling during different portions of the game, to give the viewers a realistic look into the atmosphere of competitive chess.

3) Include "puzzle" moments to challenge the chess fans. Puzzles would be club-player level and could feature a position from the game or from an analysis line. I would also include "key moment" segments, where I identify important moments from the game (and try to figure out why they happened the way they did, or if there were other ways the game could have continued).

4) Include computer analysis of games (since I believe computers are useful in learning chess) but ALSO invite master-level players to give their opinions on certain positions, whether or not they differ from the computer's opinion. A human is better at putting a position in context than a computer is, and they are able to highlight key details (such as fortresses or pawn structures) much more simply. Since I plan to post daily, I would probably send participating master-level players a few games at the beginning of the week, and they would provide brief thoughts and short analysis. Hopefully this would be a simple, short task for the masters involved (and they would be financially compensated for their work).

Anyway, that's it! Please tell me if you have any other ideas on how to improve this channel idea, and comment or message me if you are a master-level player interested in providing short (5-minute, maybe?) game analysis for financial compensation (you would also be credited by name, unless you prefer not to be). I don't know when I'll begin working on the channel because I have a few other projects I need to finish first, and I might not create the channel at all depending on the feedback I receive as well as how often I continue participating in the chess community.

Thanks for reading (Kudos if you read the whole thing!)


This is quite an ambitious plan, and I wish you luck.

Although this would be difficult to implement, I like to see how different people think. It's always interesting to read the comments during a vote chess game. I was trying this in a study ( from complex positions from a book, to see how different strengths see weaknesses and develop plans.

@jonesmh Well, I could ask the viewers to leave their analyses in the comments, which would allow other viewers to read opinions and comments from a wide variety of chess players, who may have different ideas, strategies, or mindsets.


The viewers are always welcome to leave comment, but to be able to address the comments in the video would be more helpful. Not only is it hard to follow a train-of-thought in writing, but by getting the views beforehand, you could discuss with visual aids. For example, if someone suggested a minority attack, you could make the general moves on the board to help explain the ideas behind the strategy. This does create more work, but I believe that it would be more beneficial.

A suggestion is to not focus only on tactics. Although this is the easiest to discuss and get the best help from a computer, but a positional squeeze is also enjoyable.

@CheckingBall I don't understand, if you create the channel, aren't you supposed to be the one that is analyzing the games rather than the vieweres?

@jux303 Gates built a software giant without writing any code. Trump became president without any political background. The business plan of Amazon was to hold no inventory. Why not have a channel without making any content?

I don't think agadmator deserves half a million subscribers (I stopped making popular studies because I realized I was starting to become like him) but if he was the only game coverage channel on YouTube, then maybe he would. The problem is he isn't- there are several other coverage channels like Suren, Kingscrusher and more and they give context, computer analysis and mini-puzzles during their videos. They don't bring in other masters for comments but Kingscrusher is a master himself and he uploads nearly 3 times a day. Unfortunately I think the launching pad for these types of videos has left and some new idea has to be thought up to create the next big hit channel. The last thing you want to end up as is one of those channels that uploads daily but only gets 100 views per video- that's an example of a bad channel